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BillyVance  (D 18895)

Jun 24, 2007, 2:09 PM

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Re: [indradhanush] advice required for skydiving with lefthand paralised

Skydiving on his own with one working arm would be incredibly difficult and risky. I'm not saying it can't be done safely, but steering and flaring with one hand is hard enough, plus you kind of lose the ability to react quickly in case of emergency, or suppose you find yourself hosed on the spot and need to find a tight spot to land safely in.

A friend of mine is a left arm amputee with which he has a prosthetic hook on the left arm and uses that to steer and flare, and his rig is set up with one emergency handle on the good arm side.

I guess I would go with a lightly loaded big canopy and big "D" shaped stiff toggles for easy gripping (crwdogs use them a lot for canopy formations), with maybe a cross-tie strap attached to both with a handle in between that he can grab and pull down to his teeth, then grab the toggles together. But damned if I know how to pack that set up safely, because it could get in the way of a clean reserve deployment if the main won't come out.

With a lightly loaded parachute, it probably won't affect the flight too badly to grab one toggle first then the other toggle, if he's up high and in light traffic, because that's going to induce a turn.

You should cross post your questions in the Instructors forum though. You'll get more qualified answers there. Smile

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