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Jun 23, 2007, 8:36 AM

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Re: [BillyVance] Night Demo

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I think Jim told me they were class C (?) fireworks.

For which I believe you have to have a license/permit for, IIRC...

Again, Twardowski has one night demo story in the Scary Stories thread about a night pyro jump. There was something about having to light the pyro, and one of his teammates messed up somehow, and there was the usual (BOOM) except he heard the teammate yell "SON OF A BITCH!!!"

It was hilarious reading, but sobering when you think of doing it yourself...;postatt_id=8904;

Some people won't even consider jumping at night, some wanna hang bombs all over themselves and see nothing wrong with it...Go Figure?! Sly

A couple of comments for the OP...

Gotta use chain if you want to hang it, it burns through cable.

You WILL burn up your gear eventually, the hot burning embers go through everything.Crazy

I have a rig the I use only for night pyro jumps and it's icky....the main on that rig has been replaced three times in probably 50 (+ -) shows.

I wear a Nomex racing type suit under the jumpsuit and 1 inch thick nomex leggings, which show all kinds of burn holes, hate to think what my legs would look like without them.

The pyro hardware is 'cherry red' hot, long after you land, watch where and what you land on / near...and of course if the canopy hits any of it..Toast.

Re-think your canopy wing loading, the hardware required for
a safe pyro display gets quite heavy, at standard set-up can easily add 60-80 pounds to your exit weight.

'Standard' EP's are out the window...

It's a very specialized type of jump and you need to think every possible scenario through....for example, length of the chain is somewhat critical in regard to how you turn, to long and a turn will put you right into the 'trailing' sparks, to short and the sparks will trail up into the canopy.

I heard (cough cough) about an instance where enough of the burning media went into the canopy to burn/melt the wing into an out of control blob-mess...can't cut the main away, ya got a cable full of fireworks hanging from you, can't cut the burning fireworks has a rather negative effect on the people and landscape below...WHAT to do?! Blush

Your rigging has to be as clean and idiot proof as possible. Some years back when we were the only team doing an extensive pyro display, several other demo teams tried to short-cut the R&D process and simply wanted to 'copy' what they 'thought' we had and were doing. One fatality and one major injury were the result.

I've had some eye opening experiences jumping pyro over the years, when it works right it's spectacular...if it goes's REALLY SPECTACULAR! WinkSly

Had an emergency rescue crew tell me once, if you land and are still burning, we WILL NOT approach you until you go out! Shocked

Good luck, be safe and have fun. Angelic

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