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Jun 13, 2007, 6:30 AM

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Re: [druspork] 17

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a) mirror or double slot swap (old question but amusing)
b) who solos
c) does the solo change with the mirror
d) do you exit in slot or out of slot to make sure the first page is sorted (into A slots) or something else

The build can be really slow, what are your tips to go beyond this. At the end of all that, what is fastest (it's way quick anyway).

a) DSS
b) Point (all our verts have the front piece over)
c) Yes and no, the OC becomes the point, so the point still solos on B moves, but on every other page the point was formerly known as the OC Tongue
d) Exit depends on the rest of the dive - either way, it's sweetness

the build can be very fast, for us, the wings of the compressed had to be very conscious of positioning their knees as priority over the front of their bodies, it helped them focus on being in position rather than "getting grips". Also, the move energy has to wait for the key for us, no "leaning" into the block before the top is built.

We do the quartering move rather than straight over the top (everybody participates), the bottom piece has to remember to be aggressive and keep the fall rate fast.

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