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drudchen  (D 31359)

Apr 8, 2007, 1:34 PM

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Re: [MakeItHappen] Flash Canopy Simulator

no because I can 'exit' and set a steady course on the cross hair and cannot make it to the target.
If I do turns I can get to the target.
Here's a test:
I choose the "no wind day" and
1) From the initial 3000ft, set the mouse on the crosshair for the no-input flight - i overshoot the target by 963m
2) Do a little of front risers (half way between the middle and the TOP) - overshoot by 394m now - so the angle gets steeper, as in I'm not making as far over the ground
3) Do max double fronts - and overshoot by 131m.
4) If i do front riser turns back and forth, i can't even make it to the target

hmm Maybe there's something timing-related with just your computer? what's the FPS value that you're getting in the top left corner?

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