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drudchen  (D 31359)

Apr 7, 2007, 5:31 PM

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Re: [2shay] Flash Canopy Simulator

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thats pretty neat man, wish there was a swooping version

lol, actually, if you do a 360 from say 1000ft, and go onto your front risers, then full flight at about 50-70ft, and flare when you're just near the ground - you can get quite a swoop out of it :P

But the swoop version with gates, (and maybe a pond Tongue) is coming! Wink

Edit: Would be cool to add a canopy selector, to be able to choose the canopy to fly. Say a docile Manta, a sporty Sabre, Stilletto, Katana, and a few x-braced ones Tongue .. but then again, with my jump numbers, it probably will be a while until i fly one of those pocket rockets to get a first-person view of the whole thing

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