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Nov 11, 2002, 8:30 AM

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Re: [steve1] Scary stories from the old days?

I heard one which I don't think I'd believe except that I heard it from a guy that was there, so I'm pretty sure it's true. The guy that told me the story was a jumper at Orange, MA back in the 60s (and hasn't jumped since the 60s). On one jump he was on a load with his brother and a student. His brother went first and he watched. He saw him deploy, but the canopy just streamered all the way down. He landed in the woods and just went right through the treetops and out of site. Realizing that he just witnessed his brother's death, he was just a tad freaked out. The student asked what happened, and he replied that it was nothing and off the student went. He had the pilot climb a little higher, then jumped himself. He drifted away from the DZ and was aiming to land on a golf course. As he touched down, a car came flying toward him honking the horn. The peole in the car were yelling "he's alive! he's alive!"

Turned out what happened is his canopy snagged on a tree. It bent the trunk over and he literally swung all the way around it, shredding his jumpsuit. His helmet fell down over his eyes. Someone nearby heard the crack of the tree breaking and came running out. The jumper was hanging from the tree not moving. The guy yelled up to him "are you ok??" He replied, "Am I dead? I can't see anything..." The guy told him to take the helmet off.

He ended up with nothing but scratches. When his brother (the guy that told me the story) got to him, he asked if he wanted to go to the hospital. He said "No. i want to go to a bar!"

Times were different. Thank goodness they've changed!


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