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Mar 9, 2007, 9:24 PM

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Re: [LordRatner] 100 jump wonders/coaches

Well, I would hope that 200 jumps (very RW focussed) and 1.25 hours of tunnel time would make me a good enough skydiver to be a coach -- that's one of my goals for this summer...

I am not interested in earning money being a coach, I just want to be able to jump with 50-jump and 75-jump Canadians who don't even have an A license just because they are too "lazy" to get a license ("lazy" not in the unsafe way, of course), or the paperwork takes more time (getting the right people to sign off on things), having to repeat a certain exercise because it wasn't caught on camera, etc... I can most certainly handle these "get my A when I get around to it" skydivers now - and get the hell out of the way fast enough if they fly under me. I have now recently jumped with lower-jump A license holders who perform worse, and still manage to match their fallrate enough to dock a few points to make them happy (even if I'm not as fast as AFF instructors)... Often getting a license takes a little more time at many Cessna dropzones around here, many of us don't have A licenses until well beyond our 50th jump, even if we qualify well before our 25th jump. It wasn't until I had around 80 jumps before I finally got my A (then again, I also got my B during the same month)

Then again, I will eventually want to fly with my better half at some point before the A license, since finding a coach is sometimes hard to find, especially on a busy weekend... And nearly all of them jump with AAD's, so there's really no need for me to chase anyone (including my loved one) below hard deck (and get myself killed) -- even I know the AAD is more "reliable" than a human chasing a tumbling freefaller to under 1000 feet....

I realize I do need to disclaim advice and refer to their instructors, especially if they're still receiving instruction. It's not my place to be an instructor anyway...

There's a risk to all skydiving activity, I'm sure what I want to do (jump mainly with 50 jump freefallers who don't yet have A license), once I pass any decent coach course, is probably safer than starting to learn to swoop, anyway... (of course - some might disagree Wink )

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