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Mar 3, 2007, 9:30 PM

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Re: [matthewcline] coach rating jump requirements

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The coach has EVOLVED into making money for the DZ (not all but many). The Coach was intended PRIMARILY to bridge the gap between "Off Student Status" and "not licensed".

A coach and the "A" license card combined is a good thing for our sports younger jumpers to learn right from wrong.
It is up to us as a group and us as older jumpers to ensure that the intent of the program is maintained.
I like the letter idea. I had to get 3 for my Tandem Examiner Rating, so 1 for a Coach Candidate seems fair.

I completely agree. Where it's different at our DZ however, is that coaches aren't paid. They may get their slot paid, but otherwise, it's just a rating.

IMO, the coach rating is really an "instructor in training" rating.

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