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Feb 20, 2007, 9:15 AM

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Re: [divnswoop] Javelin RSL.. unairworthy or not?

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The RSL is a specific component that is included in the *Approved Configuration* during the TSO process. That should make it pretty clear to any rigger, no?

No, its not clear, ergo all the discussions of Sunpath, Jav's & RSLs here and elsewhere.

Sunpath's memo, circa 16 May 2005...

To Whom It May Concern:
16 May 2005

Regarding the removal of the reserve static line (RSL) from Javelin and Javelin Odyssey
sport skydiving harness/container systems, the position of Sun Path Products, Inc is as

Our harness/container systems and all related accessories and components are tested in
accordance with SAE 8015 Rev. B. During our most current TSO testing, evaluation and
approval the Javelin and Javelin Odyssey harness/container system incorporates the
reserve static line as part of the complete system and permanent removal of this part is
highly discouraged and NOT recommended. Our reserve static line is built with a snap
shackle for easy disconnect from the main (wearers) left riser, if the user wishes to not
use the option.

Dave Singer Derek Thomas
Engineer President/Owner
Sun Path Products, Inc


If Sunpath really, NO SHIT, doewn't want RSLs removed from their rigs, the above should say...

"and permanent removal of this part SHALL NOT BE DONE."

I'll dig into it when I have more time, but my recollection of the TSOs are that if an RSL is to be included on the rig / system under test, that activation of the reserve has to be accomplished by the RSL for a ceratain number of the tests... not all of them. Thus, what difference does it make to the TSO for that system if the RSL lanyard is there, but not hooked up, or if the lanyard is gone altogether? Same thing different words, if the TSO for my Jav is still "valid" if the RSL is there, but disconnected when I jump it, how is that any different then if the lanyard is totally removed? There really is no difference, technically, but not the way the lawyers would see it, I'm sure.

I just wish Sunpath would take a firmer written stance on this one way or the other, quit sitting on the fence, saying that RSLs should be permanently removed from their rigs, but writting down something less clear.

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