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Jan 1, 2007, 8:28 AM

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Re: [marcorandazza] Fatality at Eloy (Dec. 30) (Clifford Heller)

Damn..........I haven't seen Cliff in quite a long time. Last time I jumped with him was Jan of 2003. I remember that trip to Z Hills well. I trashed my camera when I ran into a Canadian. Laugh Fortunately, that was AFTER I had some jumps with Cliff. One of them is on my "1St Vid" which I think is posted on I always appreciated that he took the time to jump with me. He was a pretty awesome free flyer and here was me at 300 jumps still trying to figure it all out. It was the winter time week day thing where finding people to jump with can be hard some days. Thanks for the jumps Cliff. Blue Skies Bro! You will be certainly missed.

Edit for the video link- Cliff's jump is at the 3:04 mark. Remember that jump like it was yesterday. Unsure

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