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Oct 5, 2006, 1:32 PM

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Re: [DougH] GPS for jumping, useful?

If you're talking about the glide ratio features, just check out the owner's manual. You can download it from the Garmin website. It will tell you how to customize your navigation display to show all sorts of neat data. You do have to set your landing area as the destination in order for the glide ratio to destination function to work, though.

If you're talking about the Jumpmaster program, good luck. There is a data input that I can't figure out (can't remember which one, but it will definitely alter your exit spot) & Garmin offers NO support for the program. Apparently, its a military program that they added as an afterthought.

I rarely use the Legend skydiving, but will use it on cross countrys & night CRW jumps. I even have the carry case sewn onto a altimeter pillow.

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