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tdog  (D 28800)

Aug 14, 2006, 8:30 PM

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Re: [Ron] AFF & wind tunnel time

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I believe this is AFF level 1 (after getting 2h of tunnel time)

Please, I had an AFF1 that flew in the mantis.Tongue

Ya... I had a student this weekend. AFF Level 1...

[ME] "So, have you had any prior skydiving experience?"

[STUDENT] "Two tandems."

[ME] "Ok, so no tunnel time..."

[STUDENT] "Oh, well, I did one of those three day Airspeed tunnel camps with Eliana as my coach."

[ME], "Ok then... Would you mind flying mantis on this level 1, I think it would make a nice video."

He actually did fly manits... Feet were a little too far in, but I am sure he was just missing the visual clues to know he was backsliding (we held on, it was his first time touching a rig and pulling for himself, and the tunnel camp was a few months back, so we were better safe than sorry and did a traditional level 1...)

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