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Jul 27, 2006, 6:55 AM

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Re: Protective Helmets

As someone who has worn a helmet more than most people ever will in their life time. I have had a fair chance to try and wear just about everything out there.

For skydiving and similar sports, its more likely that you will bang your head against an A/C or another jumper and for the most part, skydiving helmets do an OK job of mitigating the damage to your head from those types of impacts. However, for true impact protection, ie: your skull crashing into the ground after your body hits the ground, there are few good solutions out there.

I have and use a Gentex flight helmet for work jumps and while it works, it is not what I'd consider an ideal head protection device as much as it is a functional piece of equipment that allows me to attach all the other work related bells and whistles to my head. I have also used the M3T helmet by Bonehead, which is an improvement on the Gentex we have been using for years but it's intention is still to attach equipment to ones head. Compared to the price of the Gentex helmet, which runs around $1200.00, the M3T is a good deal as it does have some significant padding/protection inside of it;it has to in order to meet Mil Specs.

The Pro-tec or Cascade type of helmet WITH the Oregon-Aero inserts is also a helmet that is approved by and that I use at work on occassion. By and far, this is the most ecconomical way to get a higher level of head protection from anything in the skydiving helmet market. While motorcycle helmets may provide better protection, they have been designed specifically for their application. It is not an absolute,but it is typical that in skydiving, most peoples bodies impact the earth before their head does. The Oregon Aero upgrade kit utilizes different materials in its construction which help disapate and absorb the force of impacts typicaly encountered in our sport and others without being overly bulky.

My personal opinion is that if you want better impact protection you can use an Oregon Aero upgrade kit for open face or full face helmets you might already have OR you can purcahse an M3T , which if you really value your head, is resonably priced for its level of protection. Short of going back to the old BELL hemlet, you will be hard pressed to find anything better commercially available.

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