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Jul 20, 2006, 9:31 PM

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Re: [btwitche1975] AFF & wind tunnel time

I have been coaching AFF students in the tunnel - along with a bunch of 20-200 jump jumpers.

Tonight I had 5 people. One had never jumped/AFF. One just got done with AFF. The rest were between Levels 1 and 2. Everyone flew for 15-20 minutes each.

I am confident that they will do great in the sky - as long as they can remain altitude aware.

We discussed in the debrief that in the sky they have no glass or net - and that altitude awareness needed to be practiced on the ground before the next jump...

I know one of the students would have failed level 2 and 3 and - he admitted - he gave up AFF a few years ago because he hit a brick wall. By the end of his session, he finally clicked and was able to do some pretty good moves. He is ready to be let go and do some turns now - whereas he would have been on his back without the tunnel time (his legs were kicking fast and hard).

One guy - who had 8 jumps, was able to quite nicely do a box drill (up - across - down - across - up) with adding a 360 turn on each move. I was really impressed.

I just can't imagine how these guys would not do good in the sky - and even if they struggle a tad - whatever hand signal they are given they are going to react to in a smooth and controlled way.

Funny thing one of the guys said, "Can I tell my instructors on Level 2 I want to fly mantis and do leg turns - because that is what feels comfortable now, they are not going to make me fly boxman, are they?"Tongue

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