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May 16, 2006, 6:12 PM

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Re: [irisheyes] Any photography buffs out there?

I have only taken one photography class and the teacher kept recommending we all invest in the 50mm so I was wondering what I was missing not having one. She seemed to rely on hers heavily.
I love my "nifty fifty." I don't do lots of portraitures, but it's a joy to play with when I do - mostly my family, and the occasional nude/semi nude (at their request). I do lots of sports and animal stuff, so don't use the 50 often...but there have been times where it's been invaluable. Keep in mind that wide angle really only is useful for large shots, and thus is limited in that regard.

One of my favorite sites on the 'net for learning more about photography is It's a Canon based site, but not sponsored by Canon. You can get tons of tips, share photos and get critique, and learn tons and tons of new stuff there. They also have a great used-for-sale section, where you can pick up a Canon 300 or 350 for relatively cheap (and far more trustworthy than Ebay). You can also buy used lenses that are in good condition, too...and all the accoutrements to go with your kit.

I shoot a Canon 20D. When I'm shooting sports (like skydiving or motorcross) I use my long lense - an 75-300. I have a 35-80 and a macro, too. I'm still learning a ton, and being able to fool around in PS helps a lot because I can see the results if I had exposed things differently, or used a different light source.

I don't know a ton yet - the learning curve is still accelerating - but if you have questions I'd be more than happy to try and help.


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