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TheCaver  (Student)

Mar 20, 2006, 9:34 AM

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Re: [Paige] Flying with wuffo's?

Very good point. We are in the beginning stages of this growth, and yes, for awhile I believe that demand will continue to outpace supply as the acceptance grows.

Will there ever be a tipping point? Not sure, since VWT's as attractions are very limited in their throughput. With an operating profit of ~40% at ~80% capacity, there is definately a limit as to how competitive their pricing structure can get, but as maturation occurs in the public sector (again, as an attraction rather than a training tool), we'll see how tunnel owners and operators get creative in adding on additional revenue streams to their investments.

Additionally, there has to be some room for technological improvement to reduce power consumption. Specifically, I wonder what effect increasing suit size by one size on all tourist flights would have on power usage. Bah, thats way off topic now :)


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