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Feb 16, 2006, 2:03 PM

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Re: [TomAiello] Smoke Bracket in Classifieds

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What's the total clearance from the leg to the smoke cannister?

It will be 4 inches from the leg to the smoke canister --about 2 1/2 from leg to canister heat shield/holder.

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How do the foot straps fit relative to the booties (wingsuit or otherwise)? Inside? Outside?

The foot straps will go on first, pulling the foot plate onto the foot and pulling the foot into the heel cup.
If a bracket cutaway is needed the cutaway cable releases the straps and the bracket will fall away.
The foot plate only covers half the foot so it is easy to walk in.
As for the cutaway cable I have punched a grommet and sewen in velcro so the cable will run inside the suit and out by the foot - easy to reach (located at mid thigh)

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Do the brackets clear the outside of the big GS-1 style suits?

That depends on if you got the early model with the heel cup or the later models with out. I haven't had a chance to try that as my GS1s were sent back for the new modifactions

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Anyone here used them and have any in-flight feedback?

Only have used the first generation but this one solves all the issues of the first one.

If anyone as any other questions I would be happy to answer.

This smoke bracket was my idea and manufactured by a perfectionist who has taken my design and made it 20 times better -- the smoke canister cutaway is genious -- it is very light weight and flying with the first model you didn't even know it was there. The only changes were point the smoke straight down the leg instead of towards the toe and the addition of the whole bracket cutaway system.

Email if you would like the brochure

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