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Jan 31, 2006, 7:49 AM

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Re: [BrianSGermain] Collapses and Turbulence: Article

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Your "G" loading in full flight is a tiny bit less than One G (because you are going with gravity).+

Can you explain this? Steady state is steady state - weight equals lift, exactly (no 'tiny bit' one way or the other). But maybe I'm not understanding some dynamic input you intuitively know about.

In any case, I appreciate the advice about keeping a curve in your flight to add extra tension for bad air - keep the lines taught = holds the canopy shape (that's why the lines are cut to those lengths) = keeps the foil pressurized = less oddball trouble. That's different than busy/jerky hands, it must stay smooth.

What is your opinion on the normally trained advice to newbies of "slight brakes" through turbulence? Is it just something that feels right but is technically wrong? Or does it depend on your platform?

Canopy design and development must be greatly fun and satisfying.

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