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Dolph  (D License)

Dec 13, 2005, 1:41 PM

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Re: [jdthomas] student accident

The question is: what can be done in such a situation to minimize the descent rate?

Looks like a stuck slider in an asymmetric position that induces a hard turn. if it had been on a main, it'd be a quick "oh shit" and CA-CLING, cutaway. But it was on a reserve. Of course in a chain-of-events like this, it could have been prevented, but let's take the actual situation after the cutaway.

Pumping toggles might help but the jumper stated that she did this and it looked like some fabric from the canopy was stuck in a slider grommet. If this was on one side it'd explain the rather quick turns.

Basically, you're in deep trouble if this sort of thing happens. On a sub 100 sgft reserve, it gets a lot worse.

My immediate reaction when I saw the video was "go for toggles. See if it helps. If it doesn't, yank risers, different combinations til something is found that at least slows the descent.".

What else can be done? Any good ideas?

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