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Nov 11, 2005, 1:25 PM

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The Dates You Have Been Waiting For (SF06)

For 5 years SkyFest has always been on the 3rd weekend in July. Guess what – IT STILL IS!

This year we are growing and will be bigger and better than before. We have extended the dates from July 12-17, 2006.

Skydive Spaceland has made tremendous improvements at the drop zone. Namely, a paved runway and taxiways. For pictures of their growth, go to

While we are still focusing on RW, we have expanded the focus on freeflying as well with the Headdown Invitational Texas State Record (contact for more information) and the introduction of the TeXXas 20-way Headdown Patch. Come out and be among the first to receive one!

The flight line consists of 9 aircraft with more to come!

Over 12 manufacturers will be on hand with demos and auction gear. Their donations go directly to the skydiving scholarship fund. We have never had vendor fees, so why would this year be any different?

Our website is currently being overhauled and should be updated soon.

We will be honoring the memory of Bob Buquor, one of the first camera men, who died in July 1966 – 40 years ago this coming SkyFest. We will be celebrating his life and accomplishments with Bill Newell, founder of the SCR (Star Crest Recipient) award, specialty SCR jumps, and as usual the world’s largest SCR ceremony. For more information about the SCR go to

We will have many more announcements throughout the year.

Remember what SkyFest is all about: It’s ALL ABOUT YOU and giving back to the sport we love so much. SkyFest: The boogie that “Pays It Skyward”.

Thank you for your support. Any questions? Wink


Here is a list of the confirmed manufacturers for the event.

We will be adding seminars to the schedule as it works out.

For a complete list of events that they will be attending go to their website, I believe most of them have their schedule posted.

So far to date:

Sun Path Products
Performance Designs
Relative Workshop
Velocity Sports Equipment
Phoenix Fly
Single Helix
Sky Systems
Tony Suit
Parachute Systems
Strong Enterprises
Applied Deceleration
Pony Printing
more to come...

The total number of sponsors and prizes list is even greater. The prizes will be auctioned off during the event.

The website is getting updated soon. Keep an eye on it.

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