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Nov 8, 2005, 12:58 PM

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Re: [Ron] Cypress SAVE

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My point was this: When we were shown our gear, it was hard NOT to notice this electronic thing-y in the rig. "What's that?" is a natural question. If my instructors had side-stepped answering 'what's that' on my first jump, I would have declined to jump.

Avoiding the question about life-saving gear to me would indicate a safety issue that was not being detailed. Under those circumstances, I would NOT have jumped at that DZ.

It seems to me that you didn't understand every piece of your equipment from your FJC. I know I didn't.
Nope I didn't. I did feel that I was adequately informed of the risks to accept that risk. The key here to my original post and the reply now is that they didn't intentionally avoid answering my questions. That would have been a red flag to me in skydiving, flying, scuba, anything with risk -if I ask a question, I expect an answer.

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If I am the atypical FJC student, then by all means, don't mention it...but detailed people want to see what the heck they're jumping. I am a detail-oriented person, and have a LOT to lose should something happen to me. I consider anything I do in the air as a calculated risk, as do we all, and I want to know all of the factors that go into that risk assessment.

would you have jumped if there was no AAD?
Considering the fact that in some circumstances AAD's have saved lives, and it is an added safety feature, no I would not have jumped if their gear did not have an AAD. Neither will I jump if my gear does not have an AAD. I jump with an RSL because for my purposes an RSL will not interfere with my jump (I don't do CRW) and again, it is an added safety measure that if available to a skydiver, I will take.

Ron your arguement time and time again has been if you wouldn't jump without a safety device, don't jump at all. You are implying that anyone that installs a cypres or an RSL will automatically become dependant upon it. Obviously it DOES happen, per this thread...but to say that it is more typical for skydivers to become dependant upon AAD's and RSL's than their standard EP's is simply untrue based on the amount of cypres fires/rsl deploy with no pull. If it were true, we would see more cypres saves.

-I'm not relying on my car's airbags to save my life and forgetting about the brake pedal, however, if Chevy will put airbags in a Suburban, I owe it to my family to have them in my truck.

All of this is just IMHO, and only for myself. I do not hold those around me to my set of beliefs or standards, and of course other's situations are different. -but this is what I will always hold myself accountable to. My family would be in a world of hurt with mama gone, and to have someone try to explain to them that something happened in freefall and I couldn't perform my EP's, and DIDN'T have a life-saving back up device installed that was readily available, just for my 'I should be able to do it without' theory...well, it isn't going to be you on the DZ that day Ron telling that to my kids. You could go ahead and point and say "See? I told you so! She made a fatal mistake!" but that won't help Joey, Derick, and Jaleesa...

Edited because I blew it on reasoning. Prolly didn't help any to edit...Sly

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