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Ncrowe  (A 46781)

Nov 5, 2005, 6:23 PM

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Re: [Scrumpot] Falling out of a Harness


After reading all of the recent post I decided to see how easily my custom made Infinity rig would come off of me......there's no way it could come off my shoulders i.e. headdown..but I was shocked on how easily I could get out of the "hole" I had my girlfriend help yank it up so now she's all freaked out and i must admit it's made me feel a bit uneasy ...even though I understand it's not something thats "likely" to happen.........I'm still learning to sit and I've actually had my leg straps slide foward quite a bit ....I'm pretty suprised I've never even given a second of thought of comming out of a rig but I guess until recently..edit ..I've never heard ..edit.. of it never been discussed...

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