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Nov 5, 2005, 5:01 PM

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Re: [mjosparky] Falling out of a Harness

Would belly bands such as those really be that effective on more "modern" gear with their pack-trays (ie: actual container size and orientation) being so relatively smaller (and up much higher on the jumpers back) than those you have pictured here? How would just a belly-band mod on a CURRENT Jav TJN or Mirage/Micron (or any rig designed to hold today's preponderance of sub-150's canopies) for instance, make the "hole" between the bottom of the main container and lower harness (leg straps juncture) any smaller?

Also, knowing that it has been shown in some incidences that some jumpers have had problems with their EP's by pulling on lift-web, when they had THOUGHT they were pulling on their "stubborn" handles, would you think that going BACK to something like this (adding yet again a belly band or some other form of front strap) might also cause a potential HAZARD trade-off, somehow more complicating or hampering consistent & effective EP executions?

Just some thoughts that come to my mind as I listen to this debate and look at these pictures. Especially as I compare those now too, to most current gear anyway, both in-use and on the market.

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