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RogerRamjet  (D License)

Nov 3, 2005, 2:32 PM

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Re: [shall555] Falling out of a Harness

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...Maybe..(and I'm no rigger..) full saddles...belly bands and rear horizontals...maybe a vertical running from the middle of the full saddle up to the rear horizontal....something like that...just some off-the-top ideas......

Man, I miss the belly band on my old Wonderhog Sprint. Sure, it had the pilot chute pouch on it, but, the harness felt *secure*.

When I first put on a modern rig this past spring, it felt really minimal, compared with what I remembered about my early 80s gear. Just a chest-strap and legstraps make me feel much less "contained."

I'd pay for a well thought-out belly-band and backstrap mod to my new rig, that's for sure.


The original Wonderhog (and all other gear I built) had a lateral band running from the legstrap crossing point through the backpad to the other legstrap crossing point. this band was independent of the belly band which just attached to the container to hold the bottom of it close to your ass. You could not fall out backwards. The lateral band ran across your back just above your hips (about where your belt would be).

I don't know when this particular strap was deleted from modern rigs. The Wonderhog had it, Buchman's Eagle rig had one, and my rigs had one. I'm pretty sure the SST rigs of the same time period had one as well. It was "normal" in other words, split saddles or not.

Edited to add: I have uploaded a picture to my gallery that shows this band on the Wonderhog. As soon as the powers that be approve the image, I will post a link to it. I didn't think I could downrez it enough to attach here and still see the strap clearly.

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