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Sep 23, 2005, 5:46 AM

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Re: [JumpShipGypsy] What canopies for a J5

A 176 R will not fill the free bag, so there will be NO tension on the safety stow which holds the free bag closed. These are not compatible!

The Cirrus will probably fit, since it's only a 5 cell. But which one is properly sized for you? Pick the PROPER reserve size, pick the main your ready for, then pick the container to fit both. Buying the container first is backwards.

Also, I used to jump a Cirrus main. This will be unlike any other canopy you've probably jumped. While it used to out fly a Fury, it was difficult to land. I always stood up but it was removed from the main market because it had a reputation of being very hard land and stand up.

Something is wrong if you have a Cirrus reserve and are considering a 176. Either the Cirrus is too big or the 176 will be too small. Hopefully it's the later.

But you expect to put the 176 in the same container as the Cirrus.

The Sabre 190 will be small but might work. I think I have a customer with that main in a J-5.


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