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Jul 29, 2002, 10:01 AM

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Re: [1383] RSL - yes or no?

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I got my rig like my rigger recommended whitout RSL
but now I'm not sure. some help please.

My AFF instructor went through the whole RSL debate hoopla with us prior to our first solo jump, mostly to emphasize the importance for GOOD BODY POSITION on opening. If I remember correctly, this is the common debate/arguments/points about RSLs:

Camera jumpers should disconnect their RSLs or not have them on their rigs. Camera jumps need stability on opening, the complexity of the helmet along with the RSL brings the level of confusion too high.

CReW dogs should never have RSLs on (if they are installed they should be disconnected). The need for seperation after cutaway is very important. RSLs can make CRW malfunctions deadly.

Tandems and AFF students must always wear RSLs and have them on. This makes obvious sense. The reserve needs to get out as quickly as possible and these jumps are almost always in the box position, it's a no-brainer.

The debate starts to come in after you get off student status. RSL (or Steven's Assist, if you still call it that) is an ancilliary BACKUP device. Some people think that the RSL complicates malfunctions and rightly so, others think that it is important to have to get the reserve out as quickly as possible, and rightly so.

Also... in a very, very, very rare circumstance the RSL actually does complicate your emergency procedures. It has been mentioned before that a premature riser seperation (on the side with the RSL) due to fatigue in the risers, links, or partial release of the cutaway cable can contribute to a pretty nasty malfunction where you have a malfunctioning main still over your head as the reserve system deploys.

Spinning malfunctions are also bad if you have an RSL on... if you chop in a high spin you are raising your chances for a reserve mal as well and you will have to clear it, if possible. If there is plenty of alti, I definately want to use some of it to get as stable as I can before I whip it out.

By now you can tell I am with the "need to deploy stable" crowd. I don't do low pulls, and I have pulled silver before so I'm very comfortable with going for the handles the next time it comes. I have set a personal rule to chop high enough to stabilize to get me a perfect reserve opening as possible and live with the resulting canopy.

Don't ever depend on the RSL or AAD to save your life. Like condoms, they can break or might not work out as expected. They are merely backup devices and are subject to malfunction. In additon, if you have these devices in your rig, you should know how to use them and how they may change your emergency procedures (i.e. inadvertent Cypres fire, riser seperation, etc) and MEMORIZE them.

Skydiving requires your brain, your body, and your equipment to be in working order before you jump. If it "doesn't feel right" before you get on that load, don't do it!

Hopefully this covers most of the RSL topic. Tongue

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