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pilotdave  (D License)

Aug 22, 2005, 12:48 PM

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Re: [Hooknswoop] RSL's-Again

Would you mind discussing the SkyHook RSL in the same context? I'm just curious if you'd lump it together with other RSLs and are including it in your opinion, or if you'd separate it out as having different pros and cons and what you see them as (especially the cons).

Also, for those that use 2 hands to cut away (whether taught that way or need to do it that way because of the required force), doesn't an RSL help in cases where the jumper may have trouble locating the reserve handle? People end up low very quickly when they start tugging on their big ring or something else.

How about the RSL getting the reserve open at a higher altitude preventing some off landings which could be hazardous? Again, might make little difference with one hand per handle... but a significant difference if it takes a moment to locate the reserve handle after cutting away.

One more... I've never had a cutaway so I can't speak from experience, but I did hear a cutaway story where the jumper had some trouble getting stable after the cutaway. Flung off from a spinning mal with his left hand on his reserve handle, he found it difficult to get stable. He got stable with enough altitude and was fine. He also could have pulled unstable. But on your back, with only one free arm(which is presumably holding a cutaway pad), at less than terminal speeds, with your altimeter possibly difficult to see while you're holding your reserve handle, how hard is it to lose altitude awareness while trying to get stable? Not for you... for someone more like me...


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