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Jun 24, 2005, 10:21 PM

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Re: [MissBuffDiver] Who has jumped with a famous person?

I rode the "Birdmachine" DC-3 to altitude with one of the gals who played one of JohnBoys sisters on the Waltons, didn't actually jump with her though.........dang thats weak.

Wait! Same boogie, (1985 10th annual FreakBro's)
inbetween jumps I played hacky with the all the guys from Mirror Image...they were the world champion 10 way team that year !

The funnest,craziest brush with "famous-osity" I ever had was helping my brother teach Dennis McGlynn's fjc...and Dennis and I made our first balloon jump together. We knew he was wired "different" than most others when he refused to let a simple broke leg (cast ....toe to upper thigh) keep him on the ground. Ohh, and student gear was 28' rounds....made for a fancy PLF!
Edit to add.....he didn't have the broke on leg the day he did his fjc.......we were loose with the rules back then....but we knew where to draw the line. No wear'n leg cast's on your first jump, and no opening a fresh
beer after we'd already turned on jump run.

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