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May 18, 2005, 1:55 PM

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[New Solo Jumper] Preparing myself for a focus on RW


I am going to talk to my instructors about it this weekend, and I will be asking him for permission before I do anything.

I'm new around here, but I set it out as a goal to eventually do one of the DWR attempts in the future (Deaf World Record October 2005 or 2007, which probably would be some kind of a smallish bigway of something like 20 people jumping out of one tailgate aircraft such as Casa. They mention I need 100 jumps and a "B" before I can go to their "test camp" to see if I am up to snuff)

There is an Otter visiting the DZ (Gananoque) this weekend and it looks like good weather and there are possibilities I MIGHT be able to double my jump total (17 to 34), i.e. jump something at least 15 times in one weekend. So I don't want to "waste" these jumps...

I am trying to decide what I should be "focussing" on over the coming dozens of jumps.

Suggestions are welcome. Because of the Otter weekend, the dropzone instructors are probably going to be very busy, and I am not sure if I will be able to get someone to administer my "A" this weekend. So I think need to jump with coaches for now as 2-way relative jumpers (with permission of instructor).

The most recent jumps I've just been praticing my arch, figure 8's, backflips, tracking, I have already managed to do a 11K jump where I did two figure-8's and two backflips, and I remember trying a barrel roll once. (Intend to do more of them). At the moment, based on my last solo jump, I was capable of 2 fig8s (overshot some by 20 degrees) and 2 backflips (one stable, one semistable) during a 4000ft duration (11.5K->7.5K) before I begin my pratice tracking. I've already done the supervised intentional destablization and recovery and an intentional unstable exit, so I am now okay about getting myself stable again within seconds... THAT was scary for a firsttimer, but now I know how to recover in approximately 3 seconds (I think)...

My instructor has told me to pratice my barrel rolls and forward flips. Based on this, do you recommend during my solo's, I pratice my forward flips, leg turning (no elbows), forward/back movement, left/right movement, fall faster/slower? I think I need a coach to freefall with me as a "relative point of reference" for some of these manoevers. I intend to ask for volunteer coaches (500+ jump) with the permission of instructors. Would be great for 2-way soft dock and "fall faster/slower" pratice. I would love a 4-way, but that will not happen this weekend. [At least I don't think so... Who knows.]

I've also contacted my instructors to see what they can do. I will definitely not do anything without permission of an Instructor at the DZ, but I am simply looking for ideas.

Just don't want to "waste" my next 10 to 20 jumps (all done in one weekend), assuming good weather...

In addition, I'll also complete as many of my "A" objectives as possible, and try to have a coach witness them too.

(1) What are solo pratice exercises that people think would be a good idea for me to do, assuming all the instructors are probably occupied this particular boogie weekend, and that I only get to jump with volunteer coaches occasionally? [Note: I will ask instructor for permission]

(2) I'm looking around for a great book to read too. There are several choices I am considering, but I am not sure which to get. As a deaf guy, they are a very helpful supplement to instructor training. Already have "Skydiving: The Parachuting Handbook" but I would like some book with more RW information.

[Note: It's possible I may get more instructor training than expected. But I want to be ready in case I have to do many solo's with some occasional coach jumps.]

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