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May 13, 2005, 2:11 AM

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Re: [efex] ANY Ideas for my A license graduation JUMP!!!

Of all the tubes, the two person tube is the safest. There are fewer limbs to worry about and it won't spin as fast.

The main issue with a tube is when it falls apart. It blows apart because of the forces generated by the spin. When that happens you have no control over where you go. Since the tube is built with your knees and feet close to my face, the odds of me getting smacked in the head is much higher than normal. Ever been kicked hard enough to get blurry vision? how about landing when your goggles are covered in blood from kicked in the nose? It is scary shit.

When the tube blows up you've been spinning and flipping, you're totally disoriented and unstable. It takes time for even the most experienced jumper to get back to stable. All the time you're getting stable and stopping the spin, you are losing altitude fast. You tend to forget about altitude awareness while you get stable. The more jumps you have, the smaller this concerns have better control in the air.

Even with a 2-way, the exit is awkward out the door. Unless you're in an Casa or skyvan...those are pretty easy. The exit of a tube out of a 206 looks like a hazard. I've seen people hit the door rolling out of an otter, so the small door of a 206 is gonna be wild. I'm sure it's possible, but it's gotta take a few tries to get it right.

The tube falls fast, very fast. Your normal sense of time in freefall is gone. It's easy to lose altitude awareness. Because of the grips you take, I've seen a couple guys who couldn't see the altimeter on a that's a problem.

Another issue is with the gear. I've seen at more than enough tubes end when someone has a premature deployment. Talk about dangerous! Make sure that BOC pouch is tight and the riser covers are in good shape. watch your altimeter, i've know a coupel guys who have lost those on tubes. Double know your come off pretty easy at that speed.

There are some really fun things we can do in the sky, there is no need to do them all right away. There is still a lot to learn. Basic skills like side slides, center turns, fall rate control, docking on a formation, piece turns, burble hops...plenty of skills to master. Leave the unstable, out of control spinning stuff for the people that have learned the basics.

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