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brettpobastad  (D 12823)

May 9, 2005, 10:55 PM

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Re: [Kris] Slinks!

Hmmm? They're much stronger...says who? Stronger than what? Metal? No. I've heard that 'stronger' argument before and I ain't buyin' it. Now it's fair to say that I have never seen any figures comparing the strength of French Links versus Soft Links but I'm betting you haven't either. Somebody at the DZ just told you that, right? But let's say there are figures that show that soft links are stronger. How did they do the tests? How long and at which points did they pull from? For how many years? And on and on. And I'd be willing to bet that over the course of, let's just pick a number, say 500 jumps....that there's a better chance that four french links would retain their shape and strength characteristics versus four soft links. And there's the 'nylon rubbing against nylon' factor as well. And what do you mean by saying that they're more likely to break on opening? Is that good? Are you wanting to build in a 'breaking point' on your system? And unless that Stileto of your's is down in the double digit range and you are closing in on the top ten at next years SWOOP NATIONALS, bulk and weight ain't an issue.

And here's the real point: They didn't fill a need or solve a problem! When did Rapide Links become weak, bulky, heavy and hard to use?

There is one thing for sure that soft links have over metal links: They are cheaper to manufacture and that lowers the overhead on a canopy. I wonder if that's why they are so popular now?

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