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Apr 9, 2005, 2:29 PM

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The Shimell Boogie! @ Skydive The Farm, 5/14-5/15


You have reached the end of the internet!

Thats right. A boogie for my shameless self promotion.Wink at
This may turn into a fund raiser for Jerry Loch also, he was injured in a swooping accident.

Here is the deal. $110 all you can jump all weekend. There will be a swoop comp on sat. $50 buy in, EVERYONE welcome. Pro will have a handicap in distance only. 2 rounds distance and 2 rounds freestyle.

Freefly organizer: Jon Pinyon. note: there is no boogie fee for this boogie, but if you want freefly organizing from Jon there will be a $15 fee for the ENTIRE weekend."I've got to cover his pack jobs and his accommodations".Jon is an awesome freeflyer, awesome guy, world record holder.He is doing this for nothing but to see your skills advance.

Belly fly organizing by Hans Paulson, from Team Mirage.

Team Mirage, will be on site for canopy control coaching, as will myself. and maybe a few others. More details later.

Sat night: will be a party to blow off the doors of ANY skydiving party you've ever seen.Me, and Eric Deren will be dj's for the night.If you went to Dublin or Sebastion Naughty Cupid Boogie, you have seen PART of my setup, at the farm were going big! you will see it all, and the sound system will ROCK! remember kids, this is 55 acres of PRIVATE property, we can rock the house down and nobody will care! So ladies, bring your glow in the dark body paint, there will be plenty of blacklights for you to dance around. Including a bad ass laser display "trust me, you haven't seen anything like it!". and all sorts of lights and effects.

for those of you not liking the DANCE music there will be a bonfire under the old oak trees next to the swoop pond.

You can camp anywhere on the property but the runway, so if you completely want to be in the quiet, come see me, i will show you some CHOICE camping areas away from any noise, in the most relaxing parts of the property.

Sat. night before the music. there will be a spelling bee!.. ya ya laugh all you want! i cant spell, it took 30 minutes just to spell check this post.
the rules are your given a word, and i spell it along with you. Whoever spells it like me, moves on to the next round. Jello "J" will give more details.There is going to be a $5 buy in for this, so the winner will get a load of cash. part of it may be donated to Jerry Loch if he needs it.

Also, there will be a Texas Hold'em tournament. Jello "j" will also post the rules to this later.

And last but not least, A night time pond swim race. i have some nice prizes for the winners of these events also, Thanks to the sponsors.


Performance Designs.
% off canopy, and shirts and slinks. more details soon.

Relative Workshop. Shirts, and gift certificates for a % off rigs. more details soon. possibly Egon can work something out with Nancy from Ouragan suits to get one of those matching customized jumpsuits along with the rig!Angelic

Alti2 Not to sure what they are sending yet, but i did here Lara say she will misspell Neptune for me!Wink

Birdman Chuck Blue himself is going to try to make it, if not he did mention sending some birdman pants. Ladies these Birdman pants make you butt look AWESOME!Shocked and i'm sure there will be other cool prizes.

Everyone can poke fun of me all you want. But i'm telling you now, I know how to throw a good party! Everyone come and see why there are countless skydivers moving to the atlanta area.This is going to be one for the record books!

Oh Ya! the aircraft at the farm is being organized by the owner of the property. i'm sure he will post details soon!

"GO BIG!" Nate Gilbert, what an inspiration.

For all of you that i've come to and shown support for your D.Z's boogie's now its your turn!

So, thats all for my shameless self promotion.

GOD! i need a womanLaugh

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