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360daysofsun  (A 199200)

Feb 18, 2005, 9:55 AM

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Simulating the arch, on the ground..

I was reading through some of the past posts, and did find this mentioned. Perfecting the arch on the ground always seems to be a challenge. If you're on your belly, how do you factor out gravity. Well, I was at a friends house, and it just so happens he was getting rid of a bunch of his wifes stuff (he wouldn't admit it was his...Wink). Anyway, there was one of those big exercise balls you see on TV. I layed on the thing belly first, and spun around on my back... Wala, it felt a lot like the perfect arch..

I talked him out of it, and now use it to stretch. If you put the thing in you livingroom, put your legs under the couch, and hold something in your hands, you can simulate the forces of freefall. It takes a few seconds to get stable (from rolling off), and figure out where to place your backside (near your hips), but once you get it, it's a great way to make gravity work in your favor... I now close my eyes, and have my wife rotate me around. With practice, you can use your legs and arms to stabalize you.. What does that sound like??? If one leg is lower than the other, you feel it.

Just a though for those looking for some extra practice at home.

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