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Feb 16, 2005, 11:26 AM

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Re: [SkyDaemon] In Memory of Josh Whipple

I visited Josh in Seattle, with the hope of jumping a local object in the city. We ended up getting weathered out, my ghetto canopy wasn't up to the jump and he wasn't very excited about the wind conditions, so we went and got some beers, played some darts and called it a night. We got up early the next morning and headed south to a big "E" we both really liked. We had to take two cars (this object requires car shuffling) and we would race down the empty highway, passing each other, and smiling out the window. He had a slightly competitive edge that was there for the sake of pure fun. A couple of hours (and many pit stops ;-)) later, we arrived at the base of the cliff. The winds on the ground were great, so we drove up the cliff, and prepared for the hike to the exit point. Josh knew a "short cut" which he was certain was a much easier hike than the bush wacking I'd always done. As we went down the hill on a nice trail we continued our conversation and after awhile we were pretty certain this trail didn't go to the exit point. Josh just shrugged, and said "I said it was an easier hike, I didn't say where it was an easier hike to." we hiked back up the cliff, and took went through the woods the way I'm used to. Josh said he didn't know how to get there, so he'd just follow me. I went ahead and walked through a bunch of little shrubs covered with snow and ended up with snow all over myself. I asked Josh how he got to the exit point before, he said "The way you're going, I'm sure, but there was no snow the shrubs then, and now there isn't anymore (since it was all on me), and now it's coming back to me how to get there this way". As we hiked to exit he told me about his 2000th jump and getting pied for it. He really enjoyed that moment, and encouraged me to skydive again. By the time we got the to top of the cliff face, the winds were easily 20mph over the cliff face. Some rock drops showed that there wasn't going to be any wind at opening, but it was nonetheless scary. Worse yet it was frigid cold. We geared up and gave each other gear checks, cleared the snow from the exit point, and as I was getting ready to go, Josh said "Whoa, hey, wait... I missed something in the gear check." I stopped and froze and he looked a main lift web and said "just as I thought, your reserve handle is missing, you'll have to get that fixed." I smiled and pointed out that while a good joke, I wanted to get off this windy, cold cliff. He said "yah, we should leave before the -really- cold weather gets here." We had great jumps, good landings, and big smiles on the ground.

That was the last jump I did with Josh, and the last BASE jump he ever did. I'll always remember it.


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