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Feb 10, 2005, 2:30 PM

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Re: [upndownshop] The Parachute Manual, First Edition

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Help me out here. When the Hand deploy's came out and one point I thought everyone was using the straight pins,long before the pullout was around?

I remember feeling bad cause I packed the man a total but ultimately the design was at fault.

I remember the elastic loops.

Well, maybe Sparky can help with that. I built the first 120 Wonderhogs and the ones with Hand-Deploy were all bight of bridle type. I then worked for Bill Buchman for about a year and all his with Hand-Deploy were the same (as were mine when I built my own after that). I have seen both the straight pin and the curved pin, but I was gradually getting out of the sport about then, so wasn't paying too much attention.

I never heard of any problems with the elastic closure and bight of bridle method we were using, but Sparky mentioned in his post that there were problems with those too?

I kinda miss the "cutting edge" days at Booths shop (Well, actually it was Pam Tayon's converted garage)... I learned a lot about how to think about things working for him.

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