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Feb 4, 2005, 5:09 AM

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Re: [sdctlc] are reverse risers safe

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There are a number of ways to have a problem happen regarding the cutaway with reversed risers though. Some have been mentioned including the mechanical advantage issue for the cutaway. You can run into a problem if the reserve is deploying while under an open main. We all know that the opening sequence of the reserve lifts its risers off the shoulder and the reserve riser becomes progressively closer to the "reversed" main riser rings if the main is not yet cut away.

I witnessed one situation where an unsuccessful cutaway was compounded by reverse risers.

The person cutaway their main but failed to extract the full length of the cutaway cables (short arms). The right riser released but the left stayed put. The reserve was deployed almost instantly after the cutaway (no RSL).

The main was then trailing behind as the reserve risers came out. They butted up against the left main riser (which was being pulled backwards against the reserve riser), somewhat 'locking' the three rings in place as Scott hints at.

That turned into a reserve with line twists and a main dragging behind, which led to an uncontrollable descent. Miraculously, they escaped with only bruises.

Since then I have modified my EP's to ensure that my main risers have detached before deploying the reserve.

Knowing what I do now, I'm also sure that the risers would release should I have two-out. The main issue in this situation was not cutting away properly, but the reverse risers compounded it.

I thought about switching, but after consulting with a rigger and watching a re-enactment in a suspended harness, I am sure they are safe, given the correct EP's.

There have been no other reported incidents of this type that we could find or that had been bought to the attention of PdF.

However, please be aware of this specific situation if you do have reverse risers.

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