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Jan 24, 2005, 2:48 PM

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I agree with your last comment. The goal that's been unstated should be the minimum restrictions that get you the most return but that's a judgement call. I happen to be of the opinion that some proposals are both excessively restrictive and ineffective, it's difficult to test and difficylt to argue against when you're making the case for not saving lives, the emotional side of us tends to want to err on the side of caution, but people choose to skydive and we don't restrict everyone to 7 cell large square mains even though it would save lives.

I'm not sure I understand everything you are trying to say here (and I should NOT be confused with being a canopy nazi). You want mimimal restrictions with high returns? But I can't see that happening. The two seem mutually exclusive of each other.

Personally I don't see anything fundamentally wrong with the possible BSR that has been proposed. Yes it is not perfect (I think having some sort of national standard for Canopy Control Coaching is going to be one of the bigger hurdles as well as having a standard towards testing out). But the bottom line is that there are many canopy designs (elliptical canopies, high wing loadings and cross-braced canopies) as well as flying techniques which require advanced canopy control knowledge and experience. Without some sort of proper coaching from knowledgable instructors, people are really only jumping with a "trial by error" paradigm. And sooner or later, something is going to go wrong as they push their limits.

As I slowly gain more experience in this sport and progress as a canopy pilot, I start to understand why these people who are pushing for this BSR are passionate about this topic. Yes we are all responsible for our own actions and being able to choose one's own destiny is a desired option in life. But the lesser experienced people in this sport really don't know what it takes to fly a high performance canopy and really don't know how close they are to cratering without the proper experience and respect for the actions they do and the wings they choose to fly. It's not easy to stomache being told that you don't know shit when you've jumped out of an airplane several hundred times and survived. But as we gain experience we look back and realize that ... wow I really didn't know shit when I had "X" number of hundreds of jumps. It has happened to me and it will happen to you as you gain more experience.

As previously mentioned, this BSR is not going to be an issue to those who are truly serious about their canopy progression. Those who are truly serious will put the time into the sport, will be current, will seek coaching and will jump the appropriate canopies for their current experience levels. Those who wish to cut corners are really the only ones who will be effected by this BSR and it is this group of people who the BSR is trying to protect.

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