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Jan 16, 2005, 11:28 AM

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Re: [Ron] BSR for canopy loading (from low turn incident thread)

As I worked my way through AFP and my A-Liscense, I noticed that there were times that I thought I did a "less than stellar" dive. My instructors and coaches for the most part always gave me positive feedback and I'm not 100% sure of this, but I believe that it may be common to praise students in the early stages in an effort to keep them in the sport.

I made it clear early on, however, that I had no ego to be bruised (when it came to this sport) and encouraged good, honest criticism of the dive.

I had an instructor tell me that he was committing a "cardinal sin" when he evaluated my first solo exit at 13.5k' as "weak" when my next jump was going to be the low solo. He asked that I do another high solo first. I am so thankful that he put aside any concern that a student couldn't take criticism. The next exit was awesome (in my solo opinion and in that of my instructor).

If there were some BSR, the "fucksticks" may not like it. It could, however, really help prevent a "fuckstick mill" because us newbies and those coming after us really wouldn't know the difference. It would be a plan in place that you must simply go through and that's that.

I think the idea that we're trying to save the lives of people who don't know how to save their own life and body is commendable. I have not heard an arguement from anyone that this wouldn't SAVE lives. I guess the crux of the argument is what form it would take.

I once heard that most deaths in skydiving could be attributed to someone attempting something beyond their skill level. What would be the problem in formally evaluating and documenting someone's skill level before allowing them to go wild with anything they want?

I can differentiate the experienced skydivers from the government and big brother. They are black and white. No government official has ever asked me to practice tracking dives with them, but an Australian National Freefly Champion has. He truly had my well-being in mind. "Follow the money" - we've all heard it. What financial incentive would a 1,000+ skydiver have in recommending this plan?

I DON'T CARE if it costs lowbies more money. Be the first to say you went through the program. Take some pride in it.

It's as honest a plan as there is and I'm happy to be around to see it discussed. I don't think we have to worry that it's a "Patriot Act" in disguise. Prove you can do it THEN do it. If you're breaking femurs or leaving this world behind then you took it too fast.

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