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Jan 16, 2005, 4:43 AM

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Re: [mjosparky] BSR for canopy loading (from low turn incident thread)

I would have to agree with sparky.
As I grew up on a dz and when I started jumping everyone looked up to the jumpers who had been in the sport for a long time, even if they only had a by todays standards low jump numbers, after all making 200 to 300 jumps a year on rounds was a lot and hard on your body, point is it was the years of experience that mattered not jump numbers.
But today I see "the me generation" comming in to the sport
with a know it all attitude and showing very little respect for someone like sparky and what he would have to say because he don't jump some pocket rocket and swoop a football field with no hands looking backwards or laying on his belly, and seeing how he don't fly that way or do freeflying then he's NOT COOL!
I have a very good friend that has been jumping for 50 years
and at age 70 now jumps just as hard or harder then most 25 year old's. (he can fly circles around them too) This guy is a master rigger,instructor for the last 30+ years, when someone like this tells the "new crowd" what their doing is wrong,(rigging or flying, canopy control, downsizing ect) they all blow him off and act as if he is just talking shit and telling them what to do, with this attitude being backed up by some of the newer hot shot crowd instructors.Crazy
Back in the day when someone like a sparky came up and told you something you listened to what the hell they had to say
and took it all in because it might save your ass, these guys have been there and seen most of all of it before.
There is a reason guys like sparky have been able to stay in the sport for 30 years or longer and stay alive and keep walking up right.
If Bill Booth walked up to you and pointed at your rig and said your fucking up and are going to die if you don't change your ways, you would change! But to blow off some because their not someone who is as well known as Bill Booth is just foolish!
We've seen them come and seen them go (some leave in bodybags) with their rush to be joe cool hot shit of the sky.
Maybe I'm just old school, but the ones I look up to and hope to be like are the guys like sparky and my 70 year old friend, I would like to have as many years in the sport as they do and to have done as many jumps as possable and live to tell the storys.There are a whole bunch of punk ass kids today who need to wake up before they wake up dead!
There is no real reason anyone needs to jump at a high wingloading or needs to land as fast or faster then a cessna 182, it may be fun yes but what real need is there to do so
with only a few hundred jumps other then to be cool!
Do we really need a BSR or do people just need to pull their heads out of their ass?


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