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RastaRicanAir  (B 27323)

Dec 25, 2004, 8:11 PM

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Re: [CSpenceFLY] Dublin Boogie Info

Windblades......Spence, remember to bring LOTS of big, obvious windblades.Wink

Just wanted to wish everyone MERRY CHRISTMAS (or whatever your people do) before I lose the wireless connection I'm piggybacking on here. Just can't get good computer at Mom's house. Meanwhile I'm stuck between 24 hours of Its A Wonderful Life and 24 hours of A Christmas Story.

Why can't they be politically correct and run 24 hours of the Godfather on Columbus Day?

Or I could watch ROCKY on Univision (that's one of Comcast Miami's' 273 Spanish channels). No sh*t. ROCKY in Spanish.
"Mickey, no puedo ver. Corta me Mickey corta me! Adriana, Oye Adriana! Ya lo hizo!"
O.K. so it'd be better if you could hear the Cuban actor doing the Stallone impression.
And if I was drunk.

Anybody want to bet me I can't find a beer store open in Coconut Grove on Jesus' birthday?
(It's a sucker bet, in Miami every day is someone named Jesus' birthday.) Wouldn't it be ironic if the guy working at the beer store was named Jesus? ...And if it was his birthday?!

Yes, before you ask. These are the things I think about when I'm left alone to entertain myself.

Oh Cool! Gotta go, the Royal Tennenbaums is on.

Oh, did I go off topic a little? First time for everything.
Dublin Boogie, keg of Guiness. Who's in?

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