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RastaRicanAir  (B 27323)

Dec 24, 2004, 11:47 AM

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Re: [FlyingJ] Dublin Boogie Info

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...Must be good with horses, dogs(big ones), cats birds, llamas, goats, peacocks, geese, fish........

Forget getting a sitter. Bring 'em along and we'll all watch them in Dublin. I mean, you might even make some money (or at least some Beer!) offering llama rides around the bonfire!

Maybe we could even have the goats race the Orfuns.

R U High?! Goats running around at a holiday full of Irish people? Lee, tell him what sort of terrible things could happen.

No wait. I take that back. Bring the goats, I'll bring the curry. Who wants Jamaican food?

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