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robertmicp  (A License)

Dec 14, 2004, 11:57 AM

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Re: [aarco] letting the student know

JMHO....On my 4th AFF dive, we went over the dive on the ground from exit to landing. He told me that if everything looked good, he would fly in front of me. On the jump, I was so worried that I could not get a stable (in my mind) as I could have been. Once he flew in front, gave me a big smile, thumbs up....I relaxed and was very stable. On the debrief, he said the exit was clean and my body was a little stiff, but still stable and he made the decision to fly in front to get me to relax. It worked for me.

One last note....All of you AFF-Is out there, Its an ominous position your in, taking someone life in your hands, guide them and make the possible spit-second decision while falling at 120mph to return this person to the ground safely. I salute my instructors and all of you AFF-Is out there!! Its not an easy task becoming an AFF-I.

just my 0.02


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