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Nov 21, 2004, 7:56 AM

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Re: [jerm] Cypress Fires New Rule- Perris

I think it's more about attitude. Driver's ed is not gonna stop people from going back out and speeding. The threat of 30 days (enforceable) suspension if they get caught just might.

I disagree – and have an example to prove it.

I had a friend who loved to drive at the posted speed limit + 40... Despite what he thought, he was really endangering others and himself as he used all four lanes of the highway during rush hour. But – he had no close calls so he felt invincible.

He lost his drivers license for six months (think being grounded for cypress fire). He got his license back (think jumping again). Still had the attitude - I am the best driver on the road - I can handle going faster than others...

Got another ticket.

This time - "defensive driving" class. (think being instructed, not grounded, for cypress fire) The instructor threw out the typical syllabus and had a heart to heart with the students. Apparently she talked mainly about how easy it is to take someone else's life while driving - and taught the whole class from the perspective of the innocent drivers that get killed by others. I think she had gory pictures and stories from victim’s families.

I wish I could have been in that classroom, because some magic must have happened. My friend came out of that class a changed person - and to this day - credits that class for changing his perspective on life.

My point, I don’t think the same consequences work for the whole population and the wide array of attitudes (and even ages of participants) out there – so there is no one way to train/punish people who have a cypress fire.

If I were the person who had to deal with cypress incidents, I would probably take the options everyone in this thread have offered and put them in a list. I would post the rule that "all cypress fires have serious consequences to be determined by management." When it came time to handle the incident, I would use the option I thought was best for the individual – ranging from “this is not funny, please never come back” to “god, I saw you shake in fear with the view of death in your eyes – lets go back up, and in the plane, tell us all what happened, and tomorrow lets talk about it on the ground.”

My two cents.

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