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Nov 18, 2004, 11:17 PM

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Re: [goshawk] Collapse on New Formed Nose Canopy

Since my name has been mentioned thought I'd join the discussion. It seems that I have been mis-heard, possibly misunderstood but definatley mis-quoted. My comments before the jump in question were about airlocked canopies in general, I don't think they are the complete answer to turbulence, this doesn't mean that I think they are more prone to it either.

No matter what canopy you jump, the best way to handle turbulence is to avoid it. Understand where & when turbulence is likely to happen & don't go there. A bit of wake turbulence from another canopy up high is normally not a problem & can be quite educational. The turbulence that gives us problems is the stuff near the ground because we've got less time to recover from it. The examples of turbulence I have on video show it happening just prior to flare time, which is hardly surprising since this is similar height to your average dropzone obstacles, trees, hangars & other buildings.

If you suspect turbulence & it's unavoidable fly through it in full drive, get into a plf (feet & knees together) & be prepared to flare with a bit more speed & force than normal should you get "dropped" by the dirty air.

One more thing, how do you do a flat turn without any brake input?

Let's be careful out there !!!!


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