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Nov 18, 2004, 3:36 PM

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Re: [Levin] Launching the Rodeo

 What I like to do if its out of an otter is both stand outside facing forward the rider has left hand on the birds riser cover area of the rig harness, right hand on the bar ( which transitions to a matching harness hold on the step-off). The bird has right hand on the bar. Bodies are as close together as possible. On the count both just step off into a stand. They both turn from vertical to horizontal transitioning off the hill almost automatically. During this time the rider has the option to stay close and low in a tuck, sit up and enjoy the view, get brave and attempt a stand-surfer like ( hard to do behind someones burble ).

On tailgates its even easier as the rider gets to use both hands to hold the birds harness. You want to have the rider stand as close to the edge as possible bodies again as close as possible. On the count both need to jump up and back far enough to maintain a slight head forward stance as you don't want to be pulled back into a back flip with the momentum from the jump to the rear. And you don't want to smash your face on the threshold of the tailgate form too much forward stance.

For face to face freefly rodeos out of otters its hard for the front (rear facing) pair unless they are skilled at getting their legs up on exit (as in whatever they call that front position in RW) Oh-oh I hope I can get away with a comment like that in this forum.Laugh

* the word horse maybe substituted for the word bird if there are no birds in your rodeos. We have had more success than not using these methods. We even had success using both methods for double rodeos. I hope this helps but I bet you guys are up to speed on the above methods already and are looking for something else.

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