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Nov 9, 2004, 12:25 PM

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Re: [EDYDO] 4 fatal jump plane crashes in 2 weeks.

There is no absolute solution. However, if someone looks carefully at the conditions that led to an accident, incidental things can be found that, if changed, can lessen the chances of a similar one.

Yes, that just gives another freak accident the opportunity to happen. Sometimes the way to prevent an accident is so onerous that it makes it better to just suck it up and accept the risk.

But I remember distinctly when no one wore seat belts on skydiving airplanes, and complained mightily when they first began to be introduced.

If we break down these accidents as part of a systematic analysis (there's a tool for it called REASON), we might be able to see something that can improve overall safety.

Saying it's too hard isn't right. This is an area that demands a lot of rigor. My feeling is that the S&T committee should either take a look at accidents in the last 10 years (picking a number out of the hat), or should commission a group with significant skydiving and piloting expertise to take a look at them in this sort of systematic way.

The results might be surprising.

Wendy W.

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