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Nov 2, 2004, 7:10 AM

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Re: [kallend] Cypress Fires New Rule- Perris

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Ron, where did I suggest doing nothing?

You have several times said that we should not do anything till we have more information about the problem. I call it information paralysis ...You can't make a choice till you have the perfect solution...And when a perfect solution does not exist, you just wait till one does.

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I suggested additional training rather than a grounding.

How about grounding them AND making them retrain? Grounding for punishment since they did something stupid...And then training to make them more aware.

You don't just give out "A's" do you? I mean you do fail students if they don't do things right don't you?

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We KNOW training works

No, we know people who want to learn and seek knowledge works...Just having training does nothing...Or have you not noticed that?

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Now explain how sitting on the ground improves altitude awareness better than jumping with an instructor.

Explain how jumping with an instructor is going to teach you you need to pull before impact?

I mean, if you don't understand that, take up bowling.

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Your solution to problems always seems to be to impose additional restrictions. Mine is additional education. I guess we just have different philosophies of life.

Restrictions that force people to learn...You just want to ask nicely that they learn.

Like it or not...Punishments work.

What kind of retraining do you sugest? I mean not pulling is akin to flying your plane into a mountain.

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