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Oct 25, 2004, 5:18 PM

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Re: [diablopilot] Pilot Chute Pull Force & The RSL

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Off the cuff, the max pull force on a reserve pin is 22 pounds. From the discussions I've seen, the pilot chute has enough force to generate abou 100lbs.

Since the RSL only pulls the pin, I would say yes.

Don't bet on it.

The RSL does not pull "in line", so the pull force required is higher. Add to the fact that the P/C also has to suport the weight of the bag, canopy, lines, and risers, it will have to clear the 3 rings, and possibly the closed riser covers, and the pilot chute won't have the original "snatch" force avaliable to jerk everything clear.

Pull the other handle. Of course I'm sure you would have anyway!Smile
I want to thank you and billvon for your replies. The reason I asked the question was because of what I felt. I pulled the cut away handle and then the reserve. I had the time to think (because I knew I was at terminal) "This is going to be quick" refering to the speed of opening. I felt like the reserve did not come off my back until I pulled the reserve ripcord. I am still wondering if I felt that way because I have never been in that situation before! I really think that the reserve did not deploy until I pulled! Dam, I got to thank my instructorsSmile Thanks again. Pull em both! I will not forget that or my training. Dam I love this sport!!!

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