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mr2mk1g  (C 103449)

Oct 22, 2004, 9:46 AM

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Re: [ChasingBlueSky] What can we do about Skyride?

Another option would be to look at whatever national advertising ombudsmen you have in the US. I wouldn't have a clue to start looking for the US, nor am I aware of what rules businesses must abide by.

If Skyride were operating in the UK they would fall fowl of half a dozen or so laws prohibiting what they're doing and would be stomped on for doing so by one or two non governmental organiseations.

The evidence is there for everyone to see in the form of websites. A couple of letters to your advertising ombudsmen would get them looking into the matter.

Depending on what the US system is swift fines and a reprimand could follow together with Skyride being required to take the offending websites down.

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