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mr2mk1g  (C 103449)

Oct 22, 2004, 9:07 AM

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Re: [ChasingBlueSky] What can we do?

I don't see we can do anything about nor can we complain about their opening up their own DZ's - it's a free country, they're entitled to do so.

What they cannot do is advertise using cloned websites, fake locations, misleading adverts as they are doing. Those are the unlawful aspects (if any - I'm no expert on the law they're subject to) of their activities.

The USPA has a legal fund. Perhaps they should consider using it. Perhaps DZ's should consider putting in some money to the fund. Perhaps in order to fund the action (and also as an incentive to take the action) they should not only be looking for injunctive relief but also for damages in lost revenue because Skyride is stealing their custom.

It really isn't far from reality to expect to recover damages against these shisters given the blatant cloning that is going on and the ease with which documentary evidence could be obtained of the loss of buisness their activities represent.

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